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Our Experienced Consultants Dominate In Fields Traversing The Medical Industry Through High Tech Cyber Security.

Our professional staff has decades of subject matter expertise in Information security, web development, and IT training.


  • "The Cyber Synergy Team is an extremely professional organization with outstanding leadership. They complement our core course offerings by sending us only the best trained, highly knowledgeable instructors that present the oftentimes-challenging material to our students in a way that is clear, memorable and effective. Cyber Synergy’s instructors consistently score impressively high ratings on the course questionnaires at the end of each semester. Cyber Synergy continues to be a valued and trusted business partner through our growth and transition."
    Carolina Career College
  • "In the 10 years that I have known Craig Williams, I have found him to be a thought-leader in the community and a strategic thinker in business dealings who sees projects thru while bringing very creative and effective approaches and resolutions to them. Craig seamlessly engages both professionally and personally with a great deal of passion, compassion, and high moral integrity. He is definitely someone I want on my team!"
    Triangle Blazers
  • "It was great working with Cyber Synergy. The team was personable, smart, and took the time needed to help bring my vision to life. I highly recommend Cyber Synergy and look forward to working with them in the future."
    Branscomb Software
  • "The Cyber Synergy team worked closely with our project team to migrate clinical data for over a million records with a very aggressive timeline. Their data migration staff was well trained and maintained a high level of accuracy. This was a complex project, however, Cyber Synergy worked with us to overcome the challenges of this project to make it a success."
    Resolutions In Healthcare
  • "Longevity and Cyber Synergy have enjoyed an extremely collaborative and synergistic relationship for decades. As our core services developed and evolved and our organization transitioned out of the 8(a) program, Cyber Synergy adapted to that growth and transitioning and strengthened their alliance with us proportionately so that they now enjoy the distinction of being our premier ‘go-to’ vendor for software and networking services."
    Longevity Consulting
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