Cyber Security

Air Force at Robins Air Force Base

Vulnerability Assessment

Cyber Synergy completed a Vulnerability Assessment for Robins Air Force Base that included supporting Threat Hunting, Cyber Analysis, Threat and Vulnerability Analysis detection, and remediation. A variety of passive and active methods were used to determine the vulnerability of the IT networks supporting SCADA, ICS, and IOT equipment and whether networks or systems have been breached. The assessment used NIST 800-53 and 800-82 standards to deliver a tailored assessment of the client’s cyber vulnerabilities, employing a combination of manual inputs and automated tools to determine areas of potential weakness. Once the standards were identified and the resulting validations performed, our team provided a report prioritizing areas of concern and security recommendations for remediation.

Department of Defense

Network Security Services

Cyber Synergy team members supported the Cisco SIPR and NIPR network instance for a DOD client serving over 100 users. The environment consisted of four geographically dispersed locations, each comprised of multiple routers and switches; servers, both virtual and physical; and telephony equipment. Our support of this environment included the planning, configuration, installation, commission, operation, upgrades and continuous troubleshooting of all network equipment, as well as the recommendation and implementation of processes and procedures to improve the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Benchmark Network Solutions

Penetration Testing/Red Team Assessments

Cyber Synergy performed Penetration Testing and Red Team Assessments using NIST Special Publication 800-115, including Network Discovery, Network Port and Service Identification and Vulnerability Scans. The resultant report provided several recommendations to mitigate the organization’s risks including modifications to policy, process, and procedures; changes to the security architecture; deployment of new security technologies; and deployment of OS and application patches.

IT solutions
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