Enterprise Technology

U.S. Army Headquarters Directorate of the Army (HQDA)

Mission Assurance – Mobile Application Development

Cyber Synergy supported HQDA mission assurance requirements through the design and development of a custom mobile application to track critical meta-data for emergency shelter-in-place kits. The application provided the ability to cache data in areas with no/limited connectivity and synchronize the information when connectivity was restored. In the event of an emergency, the shelter-in-place kits provide required supplies for more than 14,000 HDQA personnel. Cyber Synergy also created internal and external SharePoint sites to quickly disseminate information, as well as provided database and system integration services.

Department of Education Office of Innovation and Improvement

Grant Application Peer Review

Cyber Synergy designed and developed a fully customizable FEDRamp-hosted COTS cloud-based web application for the Department of Education. Cyber Synergy’s application simplified a complicated process enabling technology to support a department-wide peer review contract for grant applications. The customization of this application allowed the Department of Education to Streamline the workflows and logistics associated with managing multiple concurrent peer reviews, effortlessly permited the creation of grant competition websites for peer reviewers, fully automated the panel creation process, and provided a data analytics dashboard to allow real-time and historical viewing of grant applications data and metrics.

IT solutions
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