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Management Consulting

Cyber Synergy offers its customers a proven, cost-effective methodology for improving performance. We provide a seasoned team of energetic & experienced professionals who care deeply about meeting customer requirements on time, every time. We specialize in designing and implementing solutions in the following areas: 

IT Staffing

Cyber Synergy has a sustained history spanning over 10 years of attracting high-quality, qualified IT professionals by creating a model workplace and providing professional advancement, superior benefits, exceptional training opportunities and a stable and supportive professional environment. We understand that to support the dynamic and evolving requirements of today’s marketplace, we must be agile and responsive in order to recruit individuals with highly specialized skills. To address these requirements, Cyber Synergy employs our Iterative Talent Acquisition Methodology (ITAM) process, providing a flexible and agile framework for collaboration and communication, relationship building, trust and refinement of processes to ensure the continuous delivery of highly skilled and talented personnel committed to program success.

Our proven ITAM process ensures we have a rich pool of skilled candidates and a collaborative and agile process for providing our clients with personnel that meet or exceed the requisite requirements. Cyber Synergy also recognizes that the successful transition of key incumbent staff is a core element of an effective staffing approach and has made it a cornerstone of our overall staffing plan. Cyber Synergy is committed to providing the most qualified professionals, continuous communication and project monitoring, to allow us to efficiently and effectively meet the evolving needs of the project and provide “On-Demand” delivery of staff throughout the engagement.

Event Management and Conference  Planning

Cyber Synergy executes full lifecycle management of events, meetings, conferences, and trainings. We provide a wide range of event management services including developing custom and Off the Shelf information technology and information management solutions to streamline event logistics.

We understand how to make decisions under strict deadlines, adhere to budgets and provide superior service and support onsite. Our cleared personnel also have experience with security protocols and federal travel regulations.

  • Venue Selection
  • Logistics and Vendor Management
  • Honoraria and Per Diem Distribution
  • Air and Ground Travel Management
  • Analysis and Wrap-up Reports

Grants Management

Cyber Synergy’s understanding and insight into the processes and challenges associated with supporting all phases of grants management is gained through years of corporate experience with the full grants management lifecycle. Our cross-functional, credentialed personnel, with experience supporting contractor and government peer review teams and a commitment to continuous improvement, add unique value to our grants management services and solutions.

Our team advises on a range of grants management and peer review process and technology issues including:

  • Enhancing reviewer recruitment processes and tracking mechanisms
  • Securing a more sustainable reviewer base and increased operational capacity and execution
  • Standing up key application processing and reviewer management systems, including application screening and automated panel assignment tools
  • Implementing new avenues and standards of communication to ensure overall program continuity and satisfaction

Cyber Synergy’s role is that of a true industry partner, in which we support the process from beginning to end, helping deliver quality grant and conference support services to all and continuously working to streamline the process to exceed the client’s expectations. We have an excellent record of past performance supporting all of the functional and technical components within the grants management lifecycle, and we are dedicated to bringing our clients the best possible solution for their organization.

Business Transformation

Business Transformation shapes and aligns the people, process and technology activities of an organization. Through innovative business strategies, long-term objectives can be defined and achieved, and the organization can develop the flexibility to respond quickly to mission requirements. Transformation need not be disruptive to ongoing operations; changes will align with the organization’s mission and goals, allowing the organization to work more efficiently and with greater purpose.

Cyber Synergy utilizes a transformation assessment and related maturity model which take the stakeholders through a due diligence process and establish actionable plans to move organizations across the spectrum from rigid task managers to agile, integrated strategists that create enterprise value internally and for all stakeholders involved, including the end users.

Business Transformation is about realigning the role of an organization’s IT department to not just implement new technologies, but to use those technologies to help shape business goals.  This fundamental change in how IT strategies are developed will make your business better equipped to handle the ever shifting demands of today’s marketplace.

Cyber Synergy’s Business Transformation services include:

Business Process Reengineering

Business Process Reengineering is a management strategy which helps organizations refocus on their goals and the needs of their customers in order to better support their mission and reduce expenses.  Beginning with a high-level assessment of the organization, Cyber Synergy’s consultants will work with you to identify, analyze and redesign your core business processes to improve workflow and critical performance measures.  Rethinking how your business operates and the role of technology in your organization will allow you to lower costs, increase efficiency and deliver a higher level of service to your clients.   

Continuous Process Improvement

At Cyber Synergy, Continuous Process Improvement is truly the foundation of our successful management approach.  We understand the importance of quality and the value of good business practices, and our Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) consultants are dedicated to making your company run more efficiently while reducing costs.  Through the use of CPI, we are able to evaluate your organization, identify problems and take steps to ensure that they are resolved.  The five main components of our program are:

  • Define
  • Document
  • Monitor
  • Evaluate
  • Improve

CPI is not a problem solving tool which produces a single solution, but rather a system by which we are able to make small enhancements to your organization and procedures to help reduce variation, eliminate valueless activities and optimize the client experience.  These improvements will help to streamline your business, providing greater customer and employee satisfaction, eliminating waste and reducing expenses.

Cyber Synergy provides the following services in support of CPI initiatives:

  • Lean Operations, Six Sigma, Business Process Reengineering, TRIZ, and Constraint Management
  • Strategic Alignment and Deployment
  • Program Development and Deployment, Training, Coaching, Facilitation, and Project Execution
  • Project Selection and Portfolio and Results Management


Lean Six Sigma is a business system of principles, practices and tools for organizing, managing and focusing product development, operations, suppliers and customer relations on creating precise customer value.  These principles enable organizations to provide goods and services with higher quality and fewer defects, requiring less human effort, less space, less capital and less time than traditional systems.  The purpose of Lean is to economically produce what is needed, when it is needed, in the amount needed, in reduced cycle time, while eliminating all waste and Non-Value-Added activity from a process.

Cyber Synergy’s experienced consultants have designed, developed and delivered Lean Six Sigma training programs for numerous organizations, providing customized solutions to meet our clients’ needs.  These engagements have enabled our customers to identify opportunities for process improvement in their businesses with quantifiable and strategically aligned results.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Delivery of Executive, Sponsor, Black Belt and Green Belt Training
  • Strategic, Operational, and Tactical mentorship and coaching
  • Development of custom project management systems
  • Development of custom reporting systems with key milestones
  • Providing dynamic progress reports

Cyber Synergy personnel have hands on experience, having served in strategic, operational and tactical mentorship and coaching roles.  Our consultants’ attention to detail and past experience allows us to provide you with a meaningful, efficient training solution, making recommendations and designing custom solutions and products throughout the process to ensure your satisfaction and project success.