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SCRM Project Manager


Coordinate and execute all efforts necessary to report on the supply chain risk of multiple assigned systems/subsystems. This includes but is not limited to acquisition of required documents (intake forms, equipment lists, criticality analyses), unclassified due diligence research on companies and products, and reporting on supply chain issues and mitigation recommendations. Develop proficiency with open source research geared to supply chain and corporate due diligence, as well as proficiency in use of multiple supply chain illumination automated tools. Generate Due Diligence Reports on supply chain risk for companies and products, Requests For Information (RFIs) for coordinating with external agencies, and supply chain risk management (SCRM) briefings as may be required for a given system/subsystem. Familiarity with information technology systems, hardware/software products, and investigative research techniques is preferred.



Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

● Risk management support on behalf of DIA acquisitions and other supported services’

● Performing detailed risk assessments of supply chains and how risks effect the information system and its environment of operation

● Performing vulnerability and impact assessments and awareness

● Preparation of mitigation documentation in direct correlation to the DIA acquisition process

● Recommend corrective actions to address identified vulnerabilities

● Collecting, analyzing and interpreting data in one or more specialties

● Create risk mitigation letters for medium/high/critical acquisition risks

● Formulating and defining system scope and objectives

● Developing or modifying processes to solve complex problems for computer systems

● Work collaboratively and effectively with all internal and external partners and stakeholders

● Apply technical principals, techniques, and concepts to perform assessments and analysis of systems interfaces

● Identify automation and process improvement initiatives to improve the efficiency of IT risk reporting processes

● Managing fact finding, analysis and development of final reports and delivery of presentations related to ICT

● Expert knowledge of organization and ICT operations and business objectives

● Collects, analyzes and interprets data in one or more specialties

● Formulating and defining system scope and objectives, developing or modifying processes to solve complex problems for computer systems, business and electronic interfaces to achieve desired results through the use of innovative technologies

● Developing and applying advanced engineering and design methods, theories and research techniques in the investigation and solution of complex and advanced system requirements, hardware/software interfaces and applications and solutions



● Good writing and verbal communication skills.

● An understanding of the concepts of supply chain risk management.

● Experience in strategic communications

● Experience in translating strategic plans into business processes, policies, standards and procedures

● Knowledge of working with and manipulating data for analysis

● Strong understanding of Information Security concepts



● Understanding of Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) process

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